This blog is basically an illustrated version of my day, this first started life in a book and not online, the idea behind it was to always be drawing something so that any skill i may develop wouldn’t be lost.

The problem was what to draw, it’s all well and good saying I’m gona draw something every day but if you dont have any ideas there’s not a lot you can do so this went no further. That was until i remember something i heard before about an artist who would draw what he did every day and i thought that was perfect so i got started that night. I don't upload as much as I use to because i couldn't really keep up with all my stuff so I now aim to upload a drawing once a week instead of every day.... that doesn't always happen but its the thought that counts right?

I’ll also take this opportunity to shamelessly plug my deviantart account (http://redelectric90.deviantart.com/) which is where i do my proper drawings.